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Every book is a work of heart. After pouring hours of your precious time, of yourself, into your book, why would you skip the important steps every traditionally published author follows?


Illumify Literary Services partners with you to produce a book that reflects your hard work and helps your manuscript be as strong as it can be. Do you want a manuscript evaluation from an industry professional? We’ve got it! How about a book coach to make your manuscript just write? We’ve got it!


Most importantly, let an experienced, professional copyeditor give your manuscript the finishing touches it deserves. We’ll even secure an ISBN number for your book so readers around the world can find it.


Let our seasoned team of publishing professionals bring your book to life!



Includes a one- to two-page evaluation assessing author’s:


  • Writing quality

  • Audience

  • Organization

  • Flow

  • Uniqueness



BOOK COACHING - 7 ½ cents per word

Illumify Book Coaches view the author’s manuscript as a whole. Rather than address the details of a copyedit, they focus on:


  • Text organization

  • Transitions

  • Readability and style issues

  • Language fit to audience

  • Development of ideas

  • Paragraph and chapter arrangement and section headers

  • Focus


Fiction Book coaches also check:

  • Character and plot development

  • Consistency of characters

  • Point of view

  • Showing not telling

  • Believable dialogue and plot



PROFESSIONAL COPYEDIT - 5 cents per word

IllumifyCopyeditors tighten, smooth, and clarify the author’s manuscript, checking for:


  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

  • Consistency

  • Best word choice

  • Sentence structure

  • Consistent tenses

  • Clichés, unnecessary modifiers, repeated words and phrases

  • Paragraph and sentence length

  • Verification of Bible text and references of quoted scriptures

  • Consistent formatting of footnotes or end notes



IllumifyCopyeditors apply the Chicago Manual of Style and make recommended changes using Microsoft Word tracking.




Call for a quote




$3.00 per audio minute. Additional charge for time codes.




Illumify pays all fees and fills out all online forms on behalf of the author


$150    ISBN number and bar code


$125    Standard US online copyright




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